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Monday, June 01 2020

“If you have good habits, time becomes your ally. All you need is patience.”

James Clear


Good morning, friends.  It’s hard to put some thoughts into words today, but the words that come to mind are peace, love, and justice.  On another front, let’s get to it…


For most of us change is a scary word.  It doesn’t matter how we stumble upon a need for change, it’s typically scary.  Did your doctor point out a need for change?  Happens all the time; how do you take it?  Did you get a life report card and find out that something you thought was going well was actually a “C”?  How did you take it?  Or maybe it was the best of experiences.  Maybe you corralled your mind, settled on a goal, only to realize that the difference between you and success is some level of personal change.  Always scary.


That’s what I love about this quote I read this week.  It reminds me that change isn’t an overnight miracle.  It reminds me that change is an outcome of a hundred, a thousand, or a million small steps in the right direction.  And in very particular, it reminds me that while we may be wary of change, we are all fully ensconced in change all the time, at every moment.


Why is that?  Because our habits, good or bad, are carrying us headfirst into the next thing.  Do you think you became what you are without a lifetime of habits getting you there?  Are you successful?  Your habits got you there.  Are you struggling?  Look only to your habits.  Are you healthy?  Habits.  Unhealthy?  Same thing. 


But what I truly love about this quote, what has struck me to my core, what I may never forget (although I may ignore it at my own peril) is that a good action today, compounded by more good actions in coming days, becoming a habit soon enough, can carry me to any good place I want: health, wealth and happiness, just to name a few.  You, too.  And often it doesn’t matter if we can specifically define the outcome we seek, although it helps.  What matters is that we create the habit of good habits.  Then time and patience are all we need.


What’s a good habit you can start today to lead you to a better future?  Whatever it is, I have faith in you!  Have a wonderful week.


Matthew 7:1-5

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