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Monday, January 13 2020

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Karen Lamb


Good morning, wonderful friends!  I hope the storms of the weekend did not damage you in serious ways.  Pray for the people and places who were damaged, and if that includes you then you have my prayers.  Now, let’s get to it.


Most of my collegiate education has been in finance.  I have two degrees in the area and have forgotten more about finance than most people will ever know to begin with.  And one of the very basic lessons of finance, like the ABC’s of language, is “the time value of money.”  The longer money is saved/invested the more it will grow.  It seems simple, doesn’t it?  But not many people do it.  To wit: assuming a constant interest rate for 45 years, if a young person saved/invested $500 per month for 8 years and then never a penny saved again, he/she would have more after 45 years than the person who saved/invested nothing for the first 8 years and then $500 per month for the remaining 37 years.  It seems impossible that the person who saved for the first 8 years only could out-earn the person who saved only for the second 37 years, but that’s the time value of money for you.  Time is your ally if you let it be.


But you don’t need math or money to make an ally of time.  Time can be your ally for anything if you let it be, if you help it and if you are committed.  Let me take you back to a time 15 years ago.  I had a memory of my childhood and all the delicious bbq I used to eat.  People all around my hometown could make great Q and now I wanted to, too.  So I had a smoker built for me.  I tried and tried to make Q; it was abysmal.  I sold that smoker and bought a new one.  I tried and tried some more.  It was all abysmal.  I threw plenty of Q (most didn’t deserve the name) away.  It was horrible.  But I persisted.  It took years to become respectable.  Today I make what is recognized as excellent Q.  Why?  Because I’m special?  No way.  Because I let time and interest be my ally.  I started, worked at it, was patient, got better and now have results.  I dare you to name anything worthwhile that doesn’t have a time value.


* Better health just needs a little time and interest.

* Improved musical ability just needs some time and interest.

* Better relationships need time and interest.

* Any skill can be improved with time and interest.

* Any dream can be approached with time and interest.

* Anything can benefit from time and interest.


Every person or organization looks back from time to time to measure results.  Sometimes you can look back and not see the results you wanted in your life.  That’s life.  But most of our regrets are because we failed the basic test of “time value”; we didn’t give our goals the time and interest they needed to succeed.  As a very clear aside, we must be very careful to identify our goals; we only have so much time to begin with, so how we spend it is critical.  But if “it” matters to you, start now, stick with it, hang on through discouragement, wrestle with mastery, and then enjoy the results.  It may seem impossible now, but in time, with interest, it will be an achievement.  Have a wonderful week!


Matthew 25:14-30

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