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Monday, February 03 2020

“Now that the Super Bowl is over it ‘s time to climb out of the spectator’s stands and get into the game of your own life.”

Darren Hardy


Good morning, friends!  I have no time to waste today so I won’t waste yours.  Let’s get to it!


Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?  Plenty of people watch for the game, some for the commercials, and some for the halftime show.  Me?  I haven’t watched a football game of any kind in seven years.  I cannot morally support a sport that effectively kills combatants for my entertainment, but I don’t judge you if you watched.  To each his/her own.  But I have watched my share of basketball games.  And baseball games.  And soccer matches.  I’m as much of a spectator as the next person.


Is your life a spectator sport?  Mine sure is.  I don’t mean a sport for other people to watch, one with your daily shenanigans, like some “Real Housewife” reality show.  I mean spectating your own life.  Walk this way with me… Today and tomorrow are pretty much the same, or maybe this week and next week, with little variation.  Routine has set in like arthritis in your life.  You may have the occasional outlier of a day or moment, but all in all things are petty much same old same old.  Shamefully, I just judged myself.  How about you?


If we sit by and watch our lives waft by in repetitive fashion we have no one to blame but ourselves.  To be sure, if our same old same old is casual days on sunny beaches with cabana service on a Caribbean beach no one is complaining.  But if it’s a desk or cubical or classroom with fluorescent lighting, the low hum of technology and with a desk calendar as the only change agent then your spirit should be complaining loudly!  Or maybe it’s a retirement space that is more numbing than encouraging, more antiseptic than exciting, and less than the life for which you hoped.


I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to suggest that you, and I, have the potential for more in us.  If you and I could get a vision of what we prefer then a simple action plan would take us in better directions for sure.  And even if we missed our mark, wouldn’t the incremental improvements bring better energy to our lives?  I’m not at all talking about swapping one routine for another, or one humdrum for another.  I’m talking about a shift from spectating your life to engaging your life.  How exciting would that be?!


I’m not advocating selling your home and possessions and moving to the islands, unless that is a smart and reasonable plan for you.  What I am advocating for is an intentional plan to break free from routines that likely are not serving you well and certainly are not blessing you at all.  You can do it!  And so can I.  But we have to get out of the stands and into the game, as scary as that may seem.  What do you say?  Let’s go win!  And have a wonderful week!


Luke 5:27-32

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