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Monday, February 10 2020

"Never postpone a good deed which you can do now, because death does not choose whether you have or haven’t done the things you should have done. Death waits for nobody and nothing. It has neither enemies, nor friends."

Indian Proverb


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are wonderfully well today and off to a great start of the week.  Let’s get to it!


This morning, barely two hours ago, I had a water accident in my kitchen.  It had to do with a faulty sprayer on the sink.  It’s been faulty for a month or so, sticking in the “open” position for a moment longer than it should.  I knew exactly how to fix it and could have fixed it every day from the start; all it required was a trip to the garage for some 3-in-1 oil.  But every day I allowed the thought of fixing to fly out of my head when something more immediate and pressing appeared.  This morning the sprayer stuck longer than a moment.  Before I knew what was happening my left side was soaking wet and there was a puddle of water from the kitchen to the dining room.  All because I was too lazy for a month to take 5 minutes for a quick fix.  Now I know…


While our proverb for today calls death the tipping point, I find that life includes plenty of tipping points of awareness for wasted time and good deeds.  Opportunities for good deeds come down to the next moment.  Whoever I encounter in the next moment, will I bless then, dismiss them, or harm them?  It seems easy enough when the next moment is innocent, but consider the times when the next moment is contentious.


*  The phone support person is surly; will you do the good deed or not?

*  The cashier is indifferent to you; will you do the good deed or not?

*  Your neighbor is a bore, or worse; will you do the good deed or not?

*  Your boss, or co-worker, is inconsiderate of you; will you do the good deed or not?


It’s easy enough to be a trader of good deeds and blessings; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.  But that is a diminishing life.  Our circle of goodness doesn’t grow when we are traders of goodness.  Our circle of goodness grows when we are sowers of good deeds and blessings.  It’s like a garden.  It may begin as a certain size but in time, a bit each year, it gets smaller and smaller while the weeds and grass creep in from the edges.  If the garden is your life then you grow it and expand it by the good deeds and blessings you share.


Correct, death waits for and respects no one.  But neither does time.  Once the moment has passed it’s gone, and collect enough wasted moments of undone good deeds and soon enough you have habits that lead to a diminished life.  Do not go gentle into that bad night.  Fight back against the creeping of self and selfishness; don't be lazy like I was this morning.  Sow the seeds of good deeds and blessings everywhere.  Whether any one of them blooms is no matter.  What matters is that you will see yourself in a new, better light.  And so will everyone else.  I already do!  Have a wonderful week.


Matthew 13:2-9

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