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Monday, July 30 2018

“Change is a part of life and if you choose fear you won’t like change.  You will do everything in your power to create a world that is predictable, controllable and safe.”

Dr. Frank Thomas

Good morning, friends!  I hope your Monday morning is off to a grand start.  Let’s not hold it back; let’s get to it!

Take a ride through most any small town these days and you can get a grand vision of the past, and it won’t be pretty.  Empty storefronts, vacant parking lots, run-down buildings, and a general awareness of dust and dirt everywhere.  The causes are plentiful but they all center around fear of change.  When opportunities or necessities to create positive change appeared in past years courageous leaders were nowhere to be found.  Fear and all its cousins won the day. 

Every single system of life (health, work, family, church, friends, on and on) is naturally a change system.  What is decidedly unnatural is stability, yet what do we crave with all our beings?  Stability.  “If only things could stay ‘this’ way forever, or at least for a long time…”  The longer I live and more observant I become I am increasingly convinced that the worst day in a person or system’s life is the day stability is chosen.  The desire for predictability, control and safety may be genuine but it is positively unnatural. 

* What are the stable systems in your life (and I’m not talking about relationships!)?

* Are you managing change, resisting change or being trampled by lack of change?

* How can you open yourself up to comfort with small changes?

The big bugaboo in most lives is fear and few challenges create more fear than change.  If success and quality and continuity are important to you then change is necessary.  That old small town shows how hard it is to change once stability becomes rigidity.  That’s not your story.  Don’t change for change’s sake; change when the time demands it or the opportunity presents it.  It may be uncomfortable but it’s perfectly natural.  Have a wonderful week!

Matthew 17:1-8

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