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Monday, September 19 2016

"You don't stop moving because you're aging; you start aging when you stop moving." 
Dr. Eddie Phillips, WBUR, "The Magic Pill podcast"


Good morning, friends!  I hope your week has started as great as mine.  I had a great walk this morning before work and I feel great.  I hope you found a way to start the week great, too.  Let’s get to it.


As a minister I’ve had plenty of opportunity to witness the aging process first hand, ways that I never had as a layperson.  And for so long I thought age was the master of moving, that is until I thought about my grandmother.  My grandmother is 105 years young.  At a recent doctor visit she was pronounced to have the best heart, circulation, cardiovascular system, and everything else of everybody in the room.  The doctors were amazed and astounded but not those of us who know her.


Five years ago, when grandma was a sprite 100, she still push mowed her lawn.  She frequently raked her yard.  She did anything and everything she wanted.  And because of that movement she was a marvel for a century.  Now, I know grandma is an anomaly; not everyone can be so blessed.  But everyone can make the most of their own opportunities.  We all can move a little more, do a little more, be active a little more, and fight off that monster called “Aging Downhill Trend”.


During my ministry work I’ve seen way too many a person begin a premature downhill trend beginning the day they stopped moving.  I’m now informed and more importantly influenced.  How about you?  Any movement counts; all movement counts.  Increased movement is better.  So what do you need to get moving?  More knowledge?  More time?  Or just more commitment?  I encourage you to move, move and move some more.  Be the aging marvel in your time and space.  And I hope to be a marvel with you even if we don’t make 100!  Let’s get moving!  And have a great week!

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