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Monday, March 28 2016

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

Happy Easter Monday, friends!  Whether you are working or not today, I hope it’s a great day for you.  Let’s get to it.

In the last few years I’ve hit hyperdrive in my understanding of change.  I used to think change either happened or it didn’t happen, like a light switch: either on or off.  The harm and failure of this thinking has doomed many of my change efforts, so I began to search for new and deeper understanding that might assist change.  I had no idea of the rabbit hole I entered.

Change, I now understand, is both a process and a practice, not a choice.  We are all changing all the time, in multiple ways, and so is everything and everyone around us.  I watch people age (including myself!) and I see desperate efforts to stop change (not me!).  I watch people work, and relate, and encounter, and do, and in everything I see nothing but ongoing processes of change.  We cannot stop change, we can barely create change, but in the midst of our own change we can have powerful influence.

Dr. James Prochaska introduced me to the Transtheoretical Model of change.  Simple put, it has five stages: Not Ready, Getting Ready, Ready, Action, and Maintenance.  Sounds simple, right?  Until you realize you have been failing on steps three or four without even knowing about steps one and two.  Pick an area of your life you want to change, no matter how large or small.  Where are you on this five step scale?  Wherever it is, embrace that stage, come to peace with it, and then move to the next one. 

Change is happening in every area of your life right now.  What are you doing about it?  How are you a positive part of it?  Do you even know how to affect it?  Consider my thoughts, be conscious of your place in the process, and practice good efforts to improve.  You can be a passive player in your life if you want to but I bet you don’t.  Get active and change in the ways you seek.  You can do it!  And so can I.  Have a great week.

Luke 24:13-35

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