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Monday, March 07 2016


“The law of the universe is change.”



Good afternoon friends!  I hope your weekend was as wonderful as the weather around here.  Let’s get to the issue, shall we?...


I want to be clear about today’s quote.  I heard it in a podcast this weekend, expanded a bit, but for the life of me I cannot remember which podcast, which speaker, or anything but the extended quote.  Here is the expanded paraphrased version:


“The law of the universe is change, constant change.  And any effort to resist change, whether to turn back the clock or to hold time steady, requires immense amounts of energy, payable now and in the future, and such efforts will eventually fail, rendering all costs wasted.  The only solution is to embrace change in a peaceful way.”


Wow.  Holy cow.  Man.  I cannot recall all the interjections I’ve mustered when recalling this quote.  We all know the clichés of change, and have horror stories of change.  Just this morning I spend a couple of hours with a pair of senior adults who were lamenting the pace of technological change.  Or was it health change?  Or was it church change?  Or was it relationship change?  Or was it just various stories of the universal law of change?


For many years I have fought the battle of change, only with the wrong narrative.  Whether in my own life or the life of any other person or system I have suggested, “Look, you’ll get left behind if you don’t change.”  To be quite blunt, neither I nor the other listeners to my narrative changed much.  My narrative was wrong.  The need to change is not because of future lost opportunities; it is purely because of presently wasted energy and expenses.  The more peaceful path, the less costly path, the more amenable path is change.


Only you know the changes needed in your life or in the systems you influence.  Perhaps you’ve been seduced by the siren of stability even though time and again you’ve seen stability crumble like a sandcastle in a wave.  Though you know change would do you good, if you create a dualistic choice between change or stability the latter will most often win and you will lose.  Your choice may be dualistic but the alternatives are change or lose/waste.  Are we talking about your health, or your systems, or your relationships, or your experiences?  Yes, it’s always about the universal law of change.  Make peace with change, ride on top of the wave, become a learner and a doer.  And you will know the grace and peace you’ve always wanted.  Let’s do this together, starting right now!  And have a great week.


John 5:1-9


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