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Monday, February 01 2016

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“Big jobs usually go to the (persons) who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Good morning, friends!  Can you believe it's February already?  Let’s get to it this week.
Recently the Powerball lottery reached the astronomical sum of 1 Billion +.  As with every time a lottery number gets high the dollars come flooding in from dreamers.  Say what you will about lotteries, the stories have become commonplace of ordinary persons overwhelmed by instant wealth.  Why?  The best narrative suggests an ordinary person is not prepared to handle a new few millions like a long minted millionaire, so they struggle.
But what of a person tossed into a job, or position, or responsibility for which he/she is ill prepared?  The outcome is predictable.  Sufficient evident is available to convince us that we grow step-by-step, so why do we think we can leap frog to our dreams?
This past year I developed the interest to add jogging to my walking regimen.  The program I use is a walk-jog program, easing into jogging but combining it with walking.  You begin where you are comfortable, say 10 seconds of jogging with one minute of walking, repeated, and you don’t increase the jogging until the current level is comfortable and easy.  Then increase it to, perhaps 15 seconds jogging and one minute walking, repeated over and over.  The point is to master a level before increasing the load.  Sounds like life.
Whatever your dream and however attractive it is, don’t expect to get there overnight.  You just can’t leapfrog experience, incremental success, and informative failures.  Take a step, master it, and then take another step.  That’s life.  It’s OK to dream of lottery wins, but life and success are step by step processes.  Make sure, however, your steps are in the direction of your dreams!  What step have you mastered lately?  What’s your next dream-word step?  Get going, you dreamer, and don’t give up.  I have faith in you.  Have a wonderful week.
Luke 9:51-56
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