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Tuesday, September 08 2015

“Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the small uncaring ways.”

Stephen Vincent Benet

Good morning, friends!  It is Tuesday, right?  Labor Day is one of the few Mondays of the year I schedule “off” to be with my family.  If you had to work yesterday I thank you for the understanding.  Now, let’s get on to a Tuesday encouragement!

Do you remember the Holiday Inn Express commercials of a few years ago?  In the ads a person would do something great and then reveal that even though they were not the situational expert, they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express “last night”.  Apparently a HIE choice made you an exceptionally smart person.  Well, I didn’t stay at a HIE last night, and I’m not a doctor, but I have been a minister for 15 years, so I do know more than a little about life.

In my years I’ve come to new and improved understandings of living and dying.  What are your definitions of living and dying?  Typical definitions are simplistic, but living and dying are anything but simplistic.  Let’s take dying, for example.  In the grand scheme of things no one can change the end result of physical life; we all die.  But have you ever observed someone dying while physically healthy?  I’ll bet you have, and I pray it’s not you or me.  Every moment we have the opportunity to express life or death, to be or not be, to connect or disconnect.  These are living and dying choices, and too many of us choose death every day.  Must it be?  No!  You can choose life, every moment, today!

My new and improved understandings of life include expressions of connection.  If death is the ultimate disconnection from everything, then life must be the intentional connection to whatever is possible.  Why lose moments in disconnection (expressions of death)?  You know as well as I do the life giving energy from connections, so why not surrender more moments of your day to connect?  Connect to your neighbor, a stranger, someone in need, a friend, whoever, just connect.  Embrace relationship, cherish people, and care for someone(s) other than yourself.  That’s living.

Are you living or dying today?  Chances are it’s a bit of both.  Give intentional efforts to live today, live bigger than breathing and a beating heart.  Live in connections, positive connections, caring connections, life giving connections.  Practice the art, and give more days to life.  You’ll be happy you did!  And so will I!  Have a great week.

Acts 9:10-18

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