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Monday, June 29 2015


“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Michael John Bobak

Greetings, friends!  I hope you are having a great start to your week already.  Let’s see if we can keep it going.

If there is one place, one Brigadoon, one Atlantis, one Camelot that we all pray for it is to reach that point in life called the “comfort zone”.  And boy do many of us spend all our lives looking for that magical, mystical place.

How about you?  Have you ever imagined that the next job would put you on easy street?  Did you ever hope that the next promotion would be the beginning of everything great?  How about the next month or year?  What about the next gadget?  I guess that’s where the comfort zone is… at the end of the street called Next.

But what if your goal is to get better, improve, or succeed in some way?  Does the comfort zone seem to be the best way to reach your goal?  Seems to me to be incompatible.  Better find a different road than Next; I’d suggest you take the road called Now.

What can you do on the road called Now?  Now you can begin to make reasonable commitments that move you in the direction of success.  Now you can take steps one and two down the road of success.  Now you can move from being a planner to becoming a doer.  Now you can do just about anything that helps success, things that will never get done on the road called Next.

So let someone else keep running that long road called Next towards the destination of Comfort Zone.  They’ll probably never get there.  You?  You start headed down the road called Now, doing, making, becoming today all the way to a new destination: Success.  Can you envision the success you want?  The road that will get you there is called Now.  Let’s get walking together, now, today.  I can’t wait to meet you at the place called Success.  Last one there is a rotten egg!  Have a great week!

Mark 1:16-20

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