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Monday, December 29 2014

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good morning, friends!  Obviously I got my technological glitch worked out, but not without a few tough words for my PC.  Still, I’m glad to connect with you this one last time in 2014.

I am ashamed to admit how often I allow circumstances and events to dictate my emotions and attitudes.  I pray it is a human experience that we are reactionary beings so I am not alone.  I think I’m not.  It seems there is something about our natures that so easily falls into ruts.  The trail is long.

About this time of year many people begin to fashion new year’s resolutions, pinning life improvement to tenuous commitments.  All evidence shows that few resolutions are kept more than a few weeks.  There is a clear commitment issue.  Ruts have holding power.

Our quote addresses the real issue of the matter.  If we seek happiness, better-ness, improvement, peace, anything, then the commitment within us will either enrich or doom our efforts.  Will every day, in fact, be the best day of the year if you truly commit to such a dream?  Absolutely not, but with a commitment to preserving your emotions and attitudes you can be assured that every day will be the best it can be, and often much better than it should be.  Ruts can be broken.

Sure, make your resolutions this year, if you do, but this resolution I offer you.  Own yourself this year.  Take control of your emotions, attitudes, reactions, etc., and commit to make each day the best yet.  There is no telling how great your year will be when first you commit to you.  Create a new, improved rut!  I have faith you’ll do great!  And happy new year!

Ephesians 4:21-24

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