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Tuesday, November 25 2014

“At the root of all misery is unfulfilled desire.” 
― Scott Hahn

Good morning, friends!  Can you believe this weather???  70 degrees???  Try to stay healthy, and enjoy the break!

A reading I experienced just this weekend related powerfully to today’s quote.  I read of stress, which is closely related to misery.  The article approached stress from the angle of expectations, which are closely related to desire.  When desires, or expectations, are unmet, unfulfilled, or unreached, we are in an “un-“ position: unhappy, un-peaceful, un-joyful, un-restful.  How do we un-tangle these “un-“ positions and find fulfillment?  We appropriately manage our expectations and desires, if not completely eliminate them.

To suggest complete elimination of expectations and desires might seem downright “monk-ful” to you, but only because it is so unknown to you.  Look at your life right now.  If you are in an “un-“ position it is so likely because you see something unsatisfactory about life right now and you have set expectations and desires that are unmet.  Maybe it’s work, or family, or friends, or health, or…. anything.  But what if you looked at your life right now and said, “This is what is, and this is what I have, and if I want different I must begin working on it today, but I will not be unhappy with what is, because it is all I have and I am blessed.”  Expectations and desires are gone, and comparisons with anyone else are eliminated, and “un-“ begins to fade away.

This Thanksgiving, be honest with yourself, and that is not to compare yourself, or demean yourself with expectations or desires, but to appreciate yourself as wonderful and blessed.  Change your “un-“ to peaceful, happy, and whole this year.  I wish for you just such a Thanksgiving, and to know that you are loved.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 6:25-33

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