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Tuesday, June 17 2014

One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is whether to walk away or try harder.

Good Tuesday morning, friends!  Yes, I know it's Tuesday and I ask for grace.  I was at camp with my boys yesterday.  They had a great weekend and it was a blessing to be with them.  Still, I'm glad to be back to a comfortable bed and healthy food!

It really is remarkable the number of decisions we all make every day.  Retirees, children, parents, homeless persons, prisoners, single persons, everybody... we all make many decisions every day.  Our quote speaks of one of the more persistent decisions we all face every day, the choice of commitment allocation.  We are all managers of our energy resources, and many decisions concern the expenditure or saving of our energy.  Interestingly, success very often requires the expenditure, investment, and risk of energy.  Jesus told a parable about three guys entrusted with various talents; one guy got five talents, another got two, and the last got one.  Typically these talents are interpreted at money, but for our sake lets interpret them as energy (which in many ways is similar to money).  The guys with five and two units of energy expended them, invested them, risked them, and they found success in greater energy.  The guy with one saved his energy, and as expected ended the period with just the one unit.  The decision to expend, invest and risk energy is hard.  The possibility of losing energy is real.  But the potential of success only becomes possible when we face the hard decision to expend, invest, and risk ourselves and our energy... in other words to try harder.  What opportunities have you lost because you saved your energy?  Which ones have you reaped by investing energy?  How can you create more and better opportunities in the future by managing your energy more wisely?  I have great faith you will manage your energy well.  Have a great week!

Mark 10:17-27

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