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Thursday, May 29 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Good morning, friends, and happy Memorial Day to you.  I hope you will pause today for 1 minute at 3:00 pm, your local time, to join the national moment of respect.  A minute seems reasonable enough to respect the freedom we've been given by sacrifice, yes?

Today's quote is also about freedom, but from a very different, insidious tyrant: yourself.  Various experiences in my life have enlightened me to the power and prevalence of fear.  In particular, this past year as I have practiced the art of coaching I have seen from the inside how fear holds us all back from success, however we define "success".  Perhaps the fear is looking stupid, or of failing, or of appearing weak, or of any other undesirable trait.  Perhaps the fear is of the known unknown, or the unknown unknown, or of the unknown known.  Believe me, all these possibilities exist.  Regardless, fear is a real killer in all our lives.  How is fear holding you back?  The quote suggests, and I agree, that if we face our greatest fear we will see it for the bully it is, the scarecrow bully (no pun intended).  Maybe your fear has some validity, but even with validity, why give it power?  You have the power.  Keep it, or take it back from fear if you must, but never give up your power.  Survivalist instincts make us imagine greater fear than reality suggests.  How different would your life be if you evaluated reality and possibilities honestly, and put fear in it's proper, minimalistic place?  Pretty great, I think, or pretty greater, for sure.  Freedom from fear is at best something we all experience in moments, not periods.  How great would it be to extend those moments to periods, and then longer?  Only you can do that, by facing your fears and growing beyond them.  Will new fears arise?  Perhaps, but with the knowledge and experience of facing fears, you will be the master of your own life, so to speak.  I know you can do this.  I have great faith in you!  Have a wonderful week.

John 8:31-38

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