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Monday, February 24 2014

It takes real self forgiveness, self nurturing and acceptance that we are and never will be whatever “perfect” is supposed to mean. We are here to be our best selves, that is perfect enough. 
— Giselle Fernandez

Greetings, friends!  I hope all is well with you today.  Are you thankful for anything in particular this morning?  I am.

Our quote this week speaks to the childhood of us all.  Who among us did not hear encouragements to "do your best"?  Who ever regularly does their best?  Who did not hear encouragements to be first, or to accept nothing less than excellent, or to do "better"?  I'm sure the spirit of encouragement was paramount in all those platitudes, but too often what we hear are encouragements to be something other than ourselves.  Guilt, as I continue to learn in my old age, is an insidious projection, yet how many of us carry in our hearts anything less than guilt for our failures to be "perfect"?  When I was a child the ever-present cure-all for all maladies was merthiolate, that orange paint that covered so much of me.  We know now that the mercury in merthiolate was more damaging than helpful.  Is that also true for the platitudes of our lives, that we might bear the burdens of guilt for failing to be other than ourselves?  Forgiveness and acceptance seem to be excellent medicines for the wounds and scars we don't deserve in our lives.  It is true that all of us have room for improvement, that each of us has area for growth, but guilt is more of a roadblock to growth than an encouragement.  Forgive yourselves for whatever are your perceived failings; accept yourselves for who you in fact are.  Look at yourself and ask, "Who or what do I want to be?" and then take one bold step in that direction.  You are wonderful, and greater things are possible for you.  Nothing else needs to be known.  Do you feel encouraged today?  Are you carrying some negative baggage from your past?  Would you like to be free?  I know you would, and you are free in my eyes.  Be free in your own eyes, and have a great week.

John 8:1-11

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