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Monday, February 17 2014

[Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. 
— Yoda

Good morning, friends!  I hope you're snow-free today!  What a week it was.  I've had my fill of snow for the year.  Bring on Spring!

It's not often I give my quotes over to movie characters, but how could I do better than Yoda?  He is a powerful speaker of deep truth, and today is no different.  Were you a fan of Star Wars?  From the very beginning I loved Yoda, perhaps because he spoke simple, powerful truth even I could understand as a child, then youth, and now adult.  Just look at the truth in this quote.  Yoda calls anger, hate and suffering the dark side of life, and I agree.  When has anger, hate and/or suffering ever been a good experience, part of the light, of your life?  I imagine we could agree that we would all prefer to live lives without anger, hate and suffering.  Yet how many of us in agreement are willing to address the fears in our lives that lead us down the dark side of life?  When I'm honest with myself (are you with you?) I admit I have fears, simple and complex.  And it is out of these fears that I experience anger, hate and suffering, among other dark experiences.  How about you?  Whole industries have been created to address the symptoms of anger, hate and suffering, but what if we dealt with the root, called fear?  What if facing our fears could alleviate anger, hate and suffering in our lives?  Who's in?  Me!  How about you?  Can you name your fears that drive your life?  Can you work backwards from your angers, hates and sufferings to find the roots of fear?  Are you willing to address the fears to create a better, more light filled, life?  I know you want to, and I believe you, and I, can.  Let's do it!  I have faith in both of us!  See you next week.

John 14:27-29

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