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Monday, February 10 2014

Encouraging Word from Pastor Thomas

Take a moment and simply observe your breath... We can live without food and water for days or weeks, but only a few moments without our breath.

Greetings, friends!  Are you ready for another round of Snowmageddon?  Why do people who never drink milk rush to the grocery store and buy two gallons at the hint of snow?  It boggles the mind!

This week's thought is nearly a parable.  On the surface it seems simple, childishly simple.  Yet with a bit of thought there is a depth to it that can stir powerful awareness.  Breath falls into that category of things about which most of us never think; we simply do, or receive, or experience.  My kids don't think about food; they simply show up and eat.  I don't think about gas for my car; I simply show up at the gas station and fill up.  As adults we lull ourselves into thoughtless existence without consideration for things that really matter.  Scarcity makes things matter again.  In the 70's we had a gas crisis, with long lines at gas stations and supply rationing.  We thought a lot about gas in those days.  Not so much anymore.  People who struggle for subsistence and experience food scarcity think about food a lot.  And people with asthma, or chronic lung issues, think about breathing a lot.  Scarcity makes things relevant, and scarcity also prioritizes relevant things.  In our lives of abundance we tend to prioritize irrelevant things, things that scarcity throws to the trash heap, yet we scream in agony when our irrelevant things seem scarce.   We deceive ourselves; true scarcity prioritizes relevant things.  What irrelevant things are you prioritizing in your life?  What relevant things do you need to prioritize to bring peaceful harmony back to your life?  Can you do it before scarcity makes you do it?  I'll bet you can, and I believe in you.  See you next week.

Matthew 6:25-34

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