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Monday, November 23 2020

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.”

John C. Maxwell


Good morning, friends!  I hope your weekend was blessed in many ways.  Mine was a bit crazy, but today is a new day.  Let’s get to it!


Success is a topic I’ve studied off and on for 35 years.  From the time I started college in earnest I’ve been fascinated by less the question of who is successful and more by the question of why were they successful.  And what I’ve learned has both fascinated me and formed me.  It all has to do with the matter of magnitude.


We tend to view success through the lens of greatness, which is not entirely the same thing.  Still, big successes are complicated matters; it takes a ton of factors, all working together in the right way.  No one can predict or plan for great success.  All one can do is prepare for and plan for the near future.  On the other extreme, the success that is reachable for every one of us is the experience mostly affected by our own efforts. 


·         If you (or I) move effectively every day for one year, regardless of whatever else happens, we will be far healthier.

·         If you (or I) consistently make simple choices that have a long-term view, instead of immediate satisfaction, we will have greater wealth.

·         If you (or I) reach out to people in friendly ways every day for years we will have more quality relationships than we can count.

·         If you (or I) seek self-improvement every day for one, two, or ten years we will climb ladders we once thought too high.


If you are looking closely, you should notice that the key to everyday successes that are important for your life is your daily agenda, or, put another way, daily habits.  What you do today, intentionally, and tomorrow, and every day after that affects your life in the most powerful ways, certainly in ways you control.


ü  Did you begin today with a success-oriented agenda?

ü  Do you have ideas of the successes you want?

ü  What would be a good habit for tomorrow to enable success?


Remember this: you are far more in control of the everyday, ordinary successes that matter to your life than anything else.  It’s your habits, or daily agenda, that make the difference.  Nothing else.  Get to it!


And happy Thanksgiving!


Ezra 3

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