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Monday, November 09 2020

“It is the mother of gratitude that gives birth to happiness.”

Darren Hardy


Good morning, friends, and thank you for welcoming me back!  Last week our internet was out for a few days after the big storm rolled through town, but I’m back at it and here it is!  Let’s get to it!


Only once is my ministry have I seen more clearly the grand interplay of scripture and my world: 9/11.  In that case it was evil.  Anyone with eyes could see it, and I consider myself naïve for not seeing it all the time, but for that week I saw it clearly.  Recently I’m having another “eyes opened” experience and kicking myself for being slow.  This time it is happiness, or joy, whatever the word, the feeling of goodness inside.  What I’m seeing is how cheaply we value our inner goodness and therefore give it away for nothing. 


The quote-master for today cobbled together three common “traps” of our happiness.  They are not thieves; we give our inner goodness away for little or nothing.  What are the supposed traps?  Postponing happiness, making others happy first, and contrast/comparison.  I’m sure there are other traps, but these will do for the most part.


Postponing happiness is the idea, “I will be happy when…”  When?  When get more money, or reach a goal, or rid myself of some hindrance, or anything really that is in the future.  Making others happy first is self-evident.  And contrast/comparison is placing our happiness in the hands or experience of someone else.  With the recent election I’ve witnessed many people gain a new happy face, and many other people lose their happy face.  Ironically, this awareness makes me sad.


Before I go too far, let me get to the point.  Value to the highest degree your happiness/joy.  Be aware of the traps that can easily diminish it, and don’t give your happiness away for nothing.  Happiness traps are everywhere!  Be grateful and protective, and live a better life with your inner goodness glowing.  And have a wonderful week!


1 John 4:4

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