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Monday, September 28 2020

“Working on a problem reduces the fear of it.  It’s hard to fear a problem when you are making progress on it—even if progress is imperfect and slow.  Action relieves anxiety.”

James Clear


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are well this day.  Let’s waste no more time and get to it.


Take a moment and think about all the real problems you have today.  Make a mental list.  If you’re anything like the rest of us you have a few “real” problems.  “What’s for supper?” is not a real problem.  For me, one of my “real” problems is my health.  Small changes have been going on for a few years that, if not addressed, will surely eventuate into big changes.  It’s a problem.  And I have a few others.  Do you have yours in mind?




Now, mentally, out beside each of those problems, remind yourself what you are doing about each of them.  Let’s be clear; “doing” does not include “thinking”.  “Doing” is some kind of action.  What action are you taking to address each of your problems?


Chances are, you’re not taking much action if any on your real problems.  Real problems have a way of overwhelming us from the start, making of us deer looking into headlights.  Eventually, our avoidances become forms of fear.  We invest, from our fear, incredible powers in the problem, and equally make ourselves powerless.  And every day our problems get more and more intractable not because of the nature of the problem but purely because of our fears of it.


But if you could one thing to address the problem, the simplest action to create a hint of momentum, what would that be?  Whatever it is, DO IT!  If there is magic in problem-solving then the magic is action.  Do something, however small or faulty.  Merely by taking action you show the problem that you are in charge, that it has no power over you.  And with each action, you will realize that you have incredible powers, not the problem.  And soon enough, you’ll need a new set of problems, bigger, tougher ones, because today’s problems proved to be puny once you began to take action.  So get to it!  And have a wonderful week!


Luke 9:51-56

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