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Monday, August 31 2020

“Don’t spend major time on minor things.”

Jim Rohn


Good morning, friends.  I hope you are well, and I really hope today is Monday.  I’ve reached the point in this pandemic where I don’t wake up confident of what day it is.  If it isn’t Monday, someone please let me know.  Otherwise, let’s get to it!


One thing is certain: the principles of success are generally simple.  The challenge is sticking to them.  We are reminded of professional sports.  Effective practice produces champions, and anyone can do that, but most don’t.  We could examine any of our professions, or hobbies, or efforts, and see that success has relatively simple principles if only we would stick to them.


And it doesn’t get more simple than today’s quote.  I’ll bet you’ve heard or read that basic idea somewhere else.  I’ve heard it many times.  But does proliferation make it any less true?  Or powerful?  Or in fact, might it reinforce the truth?  For me, it reinforces.


If we begin with the truth that time is precious, perhaps the most precious, valuable thing we have, then how we spend it is important.  And frittering it away seems a poor way to expend it.  But, boy, are we a frittering people!  How do I know?  Because few of us are as successful as we ourselves want to be, and again, success is pretty simple if we would just do the important, simple things consistently.


So how do we begin moving in the direction of success?  Pretty simple.  Spend more of your time on major things and less on minor ones.  Why don’t we do this already?  One source I respect calls the problem “Avoidance” (capitalized to suggest a living presence, as an enemy).  We spend our precious time on many minor things, avoiding the major things.  In the end, our battle is against Avoidance, the Master of Minor Things, who wants nothing more than to keep us from success.


How will you battle Avoidance today?  What minors will you sacrifice for the good of majors?  And what habit can you create to prioritize major things going forward in your life?  Whatever it is, keep up the battle!  And have a wonderful week!


Luke 4:40-44

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