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Monday, August 24 2020

“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”

Jim Rohn


Good morning, friends, and welcome to Monday!  I hope your weekend was as special as you could make it, in spite of the trying times.  We’re all in the same boat.  So let’s get to it!


Hypocrisy seems to be one of the prime human conditions.  We seem to have these notions of right and wrong in our minds, or acceptable and unacceptable, or worthwhile and unworthwhile, or healthy and unhealthy, and we live not so much on the real side of things but our desired side.  A great example of this seeming fact (and I call it “seeming” because I have no study or statistics, only my observations) is the business of excuses.  I don’t care for excuses, and I haven’t met anyone who does, but when we find ourselves in less desirable lights (wrong, unacceptable, unworthwhile, unhealth, etc.) we tend of offer excuses. 


Excuses tend to contain a certain set of words: because, fault, negatives (didn’t, don’t, can’t, etc.)  And somewhere in the mix is the business of expectations on all sides, met and unmet.  Excuses are a messy business if considered honestly.


And then there’s the matter of success.  Did an excuse ever make things better or more successful?  Never, in my experience.  What was missed was the effort, courage, commitment, planning, support, etc.  And once the time is gone… well, it’s gone.


Sitting in the doctor’s office, ten pounds heavier than last year, we have nothing but excuses.

Facing the evaluation with unmet expectations, we have nothing but excuses.

Reaching retirement without sufficient funds, we have nothing but excuses.

Anytime time reaches a pause and reflect moment, if we’ve come up short, we make excuses.


Instead of excuses, why not take responsibility?  Instead of reliving yesterday’s failures, why not see them honestly (and ourselves, too) and do better next time?  Instead of explaining yesterday, why not prepare better for tomorrow?


Rohn’s point seems true in my life, for sure.  When I build a house on excuses it’s always a pretty ugly house.  When I build a house on responsibility it looks pretty good.  Few exceptions.  And I’ll bet the same is true for you.  It isn’t easy to give up a life of excuses.  In fact, it isn’t even easy to think about it.  But next time you fail, or come close to it, watch what you do, say and think.  If it smells of not taking personal responsibility, it’s probably rotten.  Toss it out.  And try responsibility.  Sorry for the tough talk, but I’m in the same boat.  Let’s all try to have a great week.


John 5:1-9

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