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Monday, August 17 2020

“If you don’t sow, you don’t reap. You don’t even have a chance.”

Jim Rohn


Good morning, friends.  I hope you are all well today.  If you are a teacher, or a parent of a student, I’m praying for you today.  We will get through this, one way or another, and things will not be as bad as our minds are telling us.  Now, let’s get to it.


Jim Rohn, our continued source of quotes for a while, is a follower of Jesus.  Frequently in his teaching he uses stories and quotes from the bible.  And his favorite story, based on usage, is the parable of the sower.  In case you’re not familiar with the story, a farmer from Jesus’ day hand casts seeds around his farm one day, tossing seeds here and yonder.  Some seeds fall in unproductive places, and a few seeds fall on good ground.  And the good seeds produce a bumper crop, sufficient for the year.  But think about all the “what if’s” in the farmer’s life.


What if he got frustrated by the wasted seeds that produced nothing?  Most of his seed fits this category.  Jeff Bezos, the founder of the web site Amazon, is recognized as a phenomenal success.  What is less recognized is the amount of failure he has endured.  The billions of dollars he has invested in companies, with grand dreams, only to see them fail and be discounted to zero.  He has many more failures than successes.  But his successes have produced a bumper crop that outweighs any failures.  But what if he became discouraged?


Back to the farmer, what if he tried to be more analytic about his sowing?  What if his computer (go with me here) told him to avoid certain places and only plant in others?  Sooner or later he would be down to nothing; weeds would take over all the fallow places.


But his big “what if” is… what if the farmer decided to sleep in one year.  Maybe he has leftovers from last year he thinks he can stretch to next season.  Maybe he has a deal with a neighbor for a partnership.  Maybe a lot of things could make him think about taking a break this year.  And then later in the year he realizes that the only thing he could count on is himself, and when he needed himself the most, back in sowing season, he let himself down.  He didn’t sow, and there will be no reaping.


If something matters to you, then sow it.  Don’t count on someone else.  Don’t be deterred by challenges.  Don’t be dissuaded by nay-sayers and slackers.  If you want it or need it then sow it.


Sow love.  Sow friendship.  Sow success.  Sow forgiveness.  Sow determination.  Sow anything that matters to you.


Because Rohn is correct: if you don’t sow, you won’t reap.  You don’t even have a chance.  Don’t leave what you want to chance.  Sow it.  And reap it.  And have a wonderful week.


Matthew 13:1-9

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