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Monday, August 03 2020

“Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Jim Rohn


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are well today and not in the path of the hurricane.  If so, be safe.  As it is, let’s get to it.


I guess by now you’ve realized that I’m on a “Jim Rohn” streak.  Just a word about Mr. Rohn.  He was a young Idaho farm boy who became a very successful businessman in the mid-1900s and then turned to speaking and writing for a living.  He became likely the most successful self-development speaker of his time, and no modern speaker has not been influenced by Mr. Rohn.  He was a jewel of a man who had an easy way of saying powerful things.  That’s why I’m focusing on him for a while and introducing you to his mind.  Now…


I’ve learned as a pastor that pain is no friend to anyone.  I’ve witnessed many, many kinds of pains and experienced more than a few myself.  And by nature, the mind experiences pain and seeks relief.  Medicines, therapies, adjustments, meditations, anything at all to relieve the pain.  And I suppose that’s a reasonable effort for physical pains (sometimes), but is a pain-free life really our best aim?  Is it possible to be comfortably (naturally) numb?


If success of any kind is your goal then pain is unavoidable.  Not everyone agrees with that idea, but it’s true.  When you and I were young we had dreams.  We wanted to be “this” or “that”, we wanted to do great things, achieve great heights, see marvelous places, experience the best of things.  We experienced the best of the childhood mind.  And then at some early point life began whittling away our dreams.  In time, if we chose the numb path, we settled into an essential existence.  And whether we acknowledge it or not, we accepted the pain of regret.  The life we could have had, had we tried harder, but instead chose an easier path.


Alternatively, the “could have” live would require the pain of discipline.  At every turn, “could have” requires the more difficult path.  “Could have” demands sacrifices.  “Could have” expects attention.  “Could have” is a tough task master, but that is what success is.  It takes the pain of discipline.  Many times, in the numb “regret” state we say to ourselves, “I really couldn’t have, even if I had tried.”  But that’s being dishonest to ourselves.  Had we tried, had we sacrificed, had we shown discipline, who knows what we could have done?   Trying to avoid regret is like trying to avoid pain; it doesn’t work.


The good news, actually great news, is that if you have breath then you have time to make progress.  Success isn’t always about reaching the moon.  Sometimes it’s about making it around the block.  Or taking the next step.  Or doing the next thing.  Or making the next call.  Or doing whatever the next disciplined thing is.  And once again you have the choice: discipline or regret?  Every day, every time, the choice.  What will it be for you today?  Whatever it is, I have faith in you!  Have a wonderful week!


Proverbs 14:23

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