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Monday, August 10 2020
"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." Jim Rohn Good morning, friends. Did you feel the tremble yesterday (Sunday)? I missed it, but thankfully it wasn't terrible. I may not have an earthquake for you, but still, let's get to it. Yes, yes, yes, once again I'm dipping into the vast richness of the Jim Rohn well of quotes. The man was incredible and I have no shame sharing him for a while, particularly if you've never encountered him. He's worth it. I cook. I cook a lot. I don't cook because I necessarily enjoy cooking. What I enjoy is eating good and healthy food. Early on I realized that I had to cook my own food if I wanted good and healthy food. So I cook. And now that I've been cooking for 20+ years I've learned a few skills of the trade. The first step of effective cooking is to read the recipe twice, carefully. Secondly, gather ALL the ingredients. It was this second step that was hard to master. Crazy right? One might think that one of the talents of cooking (sautéing, yeast breads, etc.) would have been the challenge, but for me it was gathering all the ingredients before starting. Typically, for a long time, I would jump off into the recipe with the first step, gathering the ingredients as I went. It might work well for the first step, maybe, but by the second step something would be needed that is hard to find, or needs time, or needs preparing, and all of a sudden the plan comes to a screeching halt. I did this method many, many times before I learned my lessons. Gather ALL ingredients before beginning. What does that have to do with Rohn's quote? How many times have you dreams of a goal, or had some idea that was compelling and desirable, only to watch it wither and/or crumble in the execution? To be successful you have to have the dream, idea, vision or whatever it is that is "out there" you call success. It comes in many disguises. And having the idea of success is the first step. The second step is the ingredient that too often we are missing. It's called "discipline". We get that first step down pat cold. We can name it, claim it, and frame it. We can tell everyone about it. But after all the shouting is over, we realize the distance to reach it (if it's a goal worth having.) and the recipe calls for discipline. Showing up every day; eliminating distractions; making hard choices; getting better every day; etc. And too often we find ourselves lacking. The next time you find yourself in goal setting mode, pause and consider all the ingredients of success. And if you are still committed to whatever the goal is, get your discipline, all of it, ready. That way the success will be delicious! Believe me, I know you can do it! Have a wonderful week. Luke 14:25-33
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