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Monday, January 06 2020

Good morning, and belated Happy New Year to you all!  I hope with a bit of practice in the new year and new decade the first Monday is something on the positive side.  All in all, let’s get to it!


"If I could give you just one thing, I’d want it to be a simple truth that took me many years to learn. If you learn it now, it may enrich your life in hundreds of ways. And it may prevent you from facing many problems that have hurt people who have never learned it. The truth is simply this: No one owes you anything.”

Harry Browne


As you begin 2020 in earnest, and a new decade if you count things that way, your attitude will have a lot to do with your success this year, or lack thereof.  Think for a moment about all the positive attitudes that can propel your new year to a spectacular experience: courage, commitment, a spirit of adventure, dependability, forgiveness, and more.  We all know, in pretty common ways, how we can make a year better.  And in hushed tones we also know how to make a year, or any time, pretty bad.


And in that list of downers, one of the lowest is a sense of entitlement.  Just to be clear, I’m speaking of a sense of being owed by anyone and/or everyone.  Have you ever known anyone with this extraordinarily poor sense?  I find it really hard to take, but sadly I’ve known my share of them.  There have been times in my own life I have gotten too close to it, entitlement, and I regretted it.  And I can say, as the author says, that I’ve seen it devastate every person who embraced entitlement.


I’ve never been able to succinctly summarize the antidote to entitlement as the author does, but isn’t he right?  No one owes you, or me, anything beyond the return of loans.  Entitlement comes in handy when we don’t want to work, but life doesn’t work that way.


* No one owes you a job; you have to earn it.

* No one owes you a promotion; you have to earn it.

* No one owes you affection; you have to earn it.

* No one owes you resources; you have to earn them.

* No one owes you their property; you have to earn it.

* No one owes you their feelings; you have to earn them.

* No one owes you anything; you have to earn everything.


Now, as a caveat, many times in life we earn things, maybe even deserve things, and those things do not come our way.  That’s life, too.  But it’s a better life to be responsible enough to earn what comes our way than to expect things we have not earned.  So what do you want this year that you are willing to work to earn?  Did you make resolutions?  Earn them.  Do you have expectations?  Earn them.  Whatever is out there for you in 2020, earn it.  And make it the best year, and decade, yet for you.  Have a wonderful week.


Proverbs 10:4; 12:11; 14:23; 31:31

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