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Monday, March 09 2020

Every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become."

James Clear

Good morning, friends!  I’m a bit behind this morning, actually since about 6 a.m., so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Never in my life did I ever think I would become well knowledgeable about presidential elections, but darn it hasn’t happened anyway.  I may not be an expert, but I know a lot more than I really want to know.  And one thing that I’m certain about is that every vote matters, and also that not enough people vote.  Don’t get political with me, but we show up, we vote, and we hope our candidates win.  (Remember, DO NOT get political with me.)  Why do we vote?  Because our vote may be the one.  Imagine if your life, your chosen life, the one you really, really want, came down to one vote of your actions?  And then ask yourself, “Why did I let it get so close and come to one action?”

Success is a complicated issue, far more than we understand.  If it were easy more of us would be, that’s for sure.  But somewhere in the milieu of success is the matter of focus, consistency, dedication and action.  And none of these words is easy.  Every time I’ve tried to be healthy, or increase my health, I have encountered votes against that focus.  “One time won’t hurt you.”  “Balance is the key.”  “Moderation is everything.”  “You look unhealthy.”  On and on it goes.  Too many times I gave in to votes against the person I wanted to become.  But health is an easy matter, and blaming others is easy too.  What about internal matters and internal votes?

* Say you want to be “successful”.  Do you vote with your actions every day?

* Say you want a different path in life.  Do you vote with your actions every day?

* Say you want new outcomes in life.  Do you vote with your actions every day?

* Say you want new, better, more, anything of yourself.  Do you vote with your actions every day?

The answer to all these questions is, “Yes!!!”  You do vote with your actions, every day; the only question is, are you voting to win or lose?  Every action is a vote for or against the person you want to become.  How are you voting today?  For what are you voting today?  Have you even decided what outcomes you want?  Those things matter, yet what matters more is that, aware or not, you are voting right now.  Make sure your votes for you count and win by a landslide!  I’d love to be at your inauguration!  Have a wonderful week!

Mark 2:13-17

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