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Wednesday, January 22 2020

“You learn more from the process of pursuing excellence than from the products of achieving it.

James Clear


Good morning, friends.  Were you blown away by last week’s snow where you were?  Were you somewhere wishing you got some snow?  Or glad you didn’t get snow?  Snow big deal!  Let’s get to it!


As I have for the past eight years I began this year with a renewed commitment to my health.  I regret I had no commitment to health for my first 44 years but I’m playing a good game of catch up.  Now you might think that working on my health for eight years would produce some incredible results, and perhaps for some people it might.  But for me it is hard to pinpoint products of my efforts.  I’m not buff, ripped, noticeably faster, and I certainly don’t look like the models in exercise infomercials or advertisements.  I look like an ordinary, average man of my age, but perhaps with a bit less baggage.


Eight years ago I would have been very disappointed to say that.  Eight years ago I was fully invested in the image of the infomercial (although thank God I never purchased any gadgets!) and advertisement.  I naïvely believed there was a “look” inside of me waiting to emerge with effort.  I am very ashamed to admit that today.  But what I joyfully know today is that the experience of dedication to and practice of healthiness have positively changed me in ways I could never have imagined.  I’m an athlete!


·   A writer isn’t someone who produces a best seller; it’s someone who writes, even if it isn’t for a living.

·   A cook isn’t someone who has a television show on Food Network; it’s someone who regularly cooks.

·   A tennis player isn’t just the person who wins Wimbledon; it’s anyone who regularly plays tennis.


Are you getting the point?  You aren’t what you achieve.  You are what you do.  So what is it you want to be?  Start doing it.  You may be terrible at first; I sure was.  But in time you’ll learn, develop, and eventually become.  And in all cases becoming follows an awful lot of doing.  The ultimate dream is to do; becoming takes care of itself.


·   Can you clearly state what you want to be?

·   What would a first repeatable action in that direction be?

·   What building block of “do” can you start doing?


You “are” something right now based on what you regularly do.  If you want to change or add to who you “are” then the path is clear: start doing it and don’t quit!  I have faith in you, that’s for sure.  Have a wonderful week.


John 5:1-8

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