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Monday, January 21 2019

“Years ago there was a belief that the world was flat. People were born into that belief and they took it on faith that if they went too far from the shoreline in a boat they would fall off the earth. Columbus sailed on.”

Les Brown

Good morning, friends, and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I hope you have the ability to honor this day in a positive way.  Let’s do our part and get to it.

I have a thing for shark teeth; my collection is large.  When my children were young their fascination with my finds encouraged them to want to seek with me.  Rarely would they begin the day with me; six thirty comes mighty early in the summer at the beach, but later in the mornings they would find me on the beach and fall in line.  Looking and looking and looking they would come up empty handed, while I would find one, then two, then three.  Finally they would ask, “How do you do it???” and I would tell them they were using the wrong senses.  Don’t look, I said.  Listen for them.  They call my name, I hear them, then find them with my eyes and pick them up.  (Abuse my fatherhood later…)  The gig lasted a few years, watching them walk up and down the beach silently listening for shark teeth calls.  Then they grew wise and now they find their share.

While I may have been facetious with my children your flat earth beliefs are anything but facetious; they are huge barriers to your growth.  Assuming none of you hold to any flat earth beliefs there is little doubt you have equivalents.  I’m not talking about false beliefs but simply beliefs that do not support or encourage your life. 

* You may have failed a few times, now consider yourself a loser, and success is nigh impossible.

* You may have had a tough start in life and now see every obstacle as a wall.

* You may have been on one track for a while and now think that’s the only track possible.

* You may have had success a few times and now consider failure something to be feared.

* You may have been judged negatively and now see yourself only through negative eyes.

The list of false beliefs is long and damaging, but guess what?  None of them is true and all of them come down to the same falsehood.  Let me set it straight: the past doesn’t determine your future.  You do.  Your choices, your efforts, your sacrifices, your hungers, your vision, you.  Believing in any version of a flat earth in your life will only hold you down from the future you deserve and desire.  And the only way to prove to yourself that these beliefs are false is to confront them and defeat them.  Can you name your limiting beliefs?  Can you see yourself confronting them?  I see you on the other side of them!  Get to it and do the great things you dream.  And have a wonderful week.

John 8:1-11

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