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Monday, March 18 2019

“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

Jesus of Nazareth

Good morning, friends, and happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day!  I hope you remembered to wear your green yesterday to avoid the dreaded pinch.  My family is well-versed so no pinches at home this year.  That’s enough, let’s get to it!

Depending on how you define the issue, multi-tasking is impossible.  If you define the issue as akin to simply the art of juggling, perhaps.  But that’s not the definition.  Multi-tasking is multi-focusing and that is humanly impossible.  You may have multiple activities going at once, or multiple events in the queue, or multiple ideas floating around at one time but that is not multi-tasking.  Human attention is a mono-focused ability that can be sliced as thin as we want to attempt but at any one moment only one “thing” is getting any attention.  That’s the ball in the hand.  The others are up in the air with no attention at all.

Why does this matter?  Because how you manage your attention or focus is key to success.  I was in my local Domino’s (a very good one) this Friday past at suppertime.  The place was hopping.  The manager was at the dough station, patting out and shaping pizza doughs, saucing them and passing them along.  She hollered out instructions and encouragement once in a while but her focus was on that dough.  Other persons were doing their jobs and the ovens were packed with pizzas in process but she was focused and flying.  And the two or three times she diverted that focus to attend to anything else the system slowed.  I could feel the chaos.  Then she would return to the doughs and encouragement and the chaos would diminish while the system would return to simplicity and effectiveness. 

* Is your dream dying because you give too much focus to other ideas?

* Is your system floundering because you have sliced your attention too thin?

* Are you goals struggling because you struggle to focus?

I believe that success comes not from attending to many things at one time but rather by respecting the gift of focus.  Surely someone will come back at me with a multi-tasking story but I won’t buy it.  Take any one of those tasks and tell me you wouldn’t have been much more successful focusing on that one.  The problem is committing to focus.  Can we set aside those other things, ideas, hopes, plans, etc. that are not critical to our success?  Whatever your priority, if you don’t give it the priority of your time and focus it won’t last for long.  My pizza was excellent but late.  I’m glad she got back to her focus.  What do you need to focus on today?  this week?  this year?  Get to it, and have a great week!

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