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Monday, March 25 2019

“It is indecision that is the thief of opportunity.”

Jim Rohn

Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your bracket remains sturdy, or at the very least your life remains so.  Let’s get to it!

Have you ever been stolen from?  I suppose we all have to one degree or another.  It’s a terrible feeling of invasion of privacy.  The home my mother lives in, the very one my parents built 48 years ago, has been robbed four or five times.  It’s horrible.  But even little thefts hurt.  My brother-in-law gave me a personally engraved pocket knife as a groomsman gift when I was a high school senior.  I proudly took it to school, showed it off, left it in my car and it was promptly stolen.  Theft hurts in many ways.  But what about the ways we steal from ourselves?  Whew!

Robert Frost’s wonderful poem “The Road Not Taken” reveals a wonderful reality we all face more often than we realize.  But what set’s this poem apart is the care and awareness the poet gives each road.  When we face our divergent roads every day, some days more important than others, do we give adequate attention to alternative choices we face?  Perhaps, but when we find ourselves continuing down the same path day after day more likely is that we had plenteous opportunities along the way yet for reasons unknown we flew headlong past them. 

* The career changes we never considered.

* The relationship opportunities we never pursued.

* The financial choices avoided.

* The health signals ignored.

I don’t like to think of robbing myself but that’s what I’ve done many, many times.  What about you?  A simple definition of robbing is to have dishonestly something taken away that leave one lesser or poorer.  I don’t need anyone to help me with that; I’m pretty good at it by now.  What I need help with, and perhaps you too, is gaining awareness of daily opportunities and courage to consider them adequately.  That way, whichever road is taken it’s the one we choose and more often than not the better one in the end.  And we are none the poorer for it.  What paths will you take this week?  Consider them carefully, make your decision, and GO!  I’ll see you at the end of the line.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 4:18-22

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