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Monday, July 23 2018

“Are you spending time with the right people for your health and happiness?”

Tara Parker-Pope

Good morning, friends!  Has your week just past been a blessing or something else?  I hope it was good but I know it was likely what you made of it.  Today is a new start.  Let’s get to it!

Way back in the day, the dinosaur days my kids call them, I came to a remarkable revelation for a high school boy.  I suspected, then confirmed, that my educational experience would be equivalent to that of the people I hung out with.  This wasn’t new logic; my dad had always taught me this truth, “If you lay down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas.”  But I never associated fleas with good grades until I was a senior in high school. (I wish I had experienced my revelation as a freshman!)  So I hung out with smart, hard-working people.  I did what they did.  I ate lunch with them.  And wouldn’t you know it, my grades improved mightily.

The author of our quote today is making a point about health and happiness but the point is the same.  Our environment powerfully influences us.  I think most of us get that point.  How we apply it, though, is the challenge.  My wife and I have three children and we have been front row witnesses to the powerful effect of environment.  The friends they’ve chosen have unwittingly manipulated them, for good and ill, away from the central characters we know our children to be.  It isn’t a static situation; it is completely fluid, and the flow is in the direction of environment.

* What about your environment?  What’s it doing for (to) you?

* Are you intentional about your environment?

* Are you even intentional about the flow you want?

It’s easy to be good with good people, and bad with bad people, but life isn’t that explicit.  We live in a milieu of trends.  Our challenge is to influence and nudge the trends when we have choice.  Make environmental choices (people primarily, places secondarily, and things last) that move you in the direction you prefer.  The race of life is still yours to run but choose a downhill portion if you can!  And have a wonderful week!

Matthew 26:57-68

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