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Friday, August 10 2018

“When life throws you a curveball, are you able to lean into it—or does it end up hitting you straight in the face?

Kira M. Newman


Good morning, friends!  I hope your weekend was filled with blessings and perhaps you shared those blessings.  Let’s get to today’s hopeful blessing.


An old fable I heard long ago concerned a young baseball player returning home from a failed attempt to play professional baseball.  He had been a star as a child, a stud as a youth, and up to the day he became a professional he was a hitting wonder.  No one could understand this early return home as a failure.  Asked to explain himself he simply said, “They throw curveballs up there.”  Not all of us make it to young adulthood before we confront one of life’s certain curveballs but if we’re going to have a successful life we must learn to hit the curves whenever they come.


Getting out of the baseball metaphor, think about the challenges, difficulties and struggles of your life.  I’m not too self-righteous to admit that plenty of those have beaten me down in life pretty badly; perhaps you’ve had your share, too.  As the writer says, sometimes they hit us right in the face.  I suppose if you get hit enough in sensitive places anyone would tend to step back from the plate.


*  Perhaps a few bad experiences might cause one to love a little or a lot less.

*  Maybe a time or two of less than expected or desired outcomes might create less effort next time.

*  When unexpected and/or undeserved challenges happen one might take it personally.


The fact is: life just throws curves.  If we want to succeed, if we want to enjoy, if we want to experience, if we want anything on the better side of life we have to learn to effectively manage life’s challenges.  Love more.  Try harder.  Get up again and again.  Whatever is the better response to the challenge then do it!  Don’t let the curves beat you!  You belong here.  And I’m thankful for you!  Have a wonderful week.


John 16:32-33

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