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Monday, August 20 2018

“Your success will be reasonably proportional to your vision.  Dream big or dream small, that’s the way you’ll go.”

Craig Gregory, paraphrased

Good morning, friends!  It’s a busy day for me and I’ll bet for you, too.  So let’s not lollygag; let’s get to it!

I’m going to ask you to do the worst thing for a Monday morning I think I could possibly do.  I need you to take one minute and do a quick survey of your life (academic, health, relational, economical, etc.) so you have a clear image of where you are in life right now.  Please don’t cry.  A typical first question might be, “Are these the outcomes you wanted by now?” but I have a bigger question.  How do these outcomes relate to your vision? 

Vision is usually debated as destination or direction.  Since I don’t know very many people or systems who actualize their visions I think direction is more appropriate, and appropriately so.  Even for the actualizers vision is the direction you go.  That always sounds nice for “other people” but what about you?  At the very least can you honestly say your current status is headed in the direction of a greater vision?  I’ll bet not.  I’ll bet that you, like me, like nearly everyone, settled for low or no vision in every area of your life and are perfectly achieving something near that.  But don’t you think you deserve better?  Sure you, so why not set an audacious vision for some area of your life and go for it!

  • I have a friend who tired of her bad health, set a big vision for better, lost 100 lbs and is rocking it!  Why not you?
  • I have another friend who tired of hating work and hating life, set a big vision for better and is now rocking multiples of 6 figures and loving life.  Why not you?
  • I have yet another friend who tired of being lonely and sad, set the vision for better and now is tremendously connected and blessed.  Why not you?

Mike Trout, barring injury, will prove to be one of the top three baseball players of all time.  Six years into his MLB career he is setting records every year, but the story is told that every year in the offseason he selects one area of baseball where he sees room for improvement and he goes for it.  Again, if he never changed anything he would be an all-time great but he improves every year.  He clearly has a vision.  Take one more peek at your life survey.  What area would you like to see better?  Set a BIG vision in the better direction and commit to it.  Step by step, inch by inch, soon enough you’ll see results that will impress even you.  I can’t wait to see it!  Have a great week.

Matthew 28:16-20

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