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Tuesday, September 04 2018

“Know what you want.

Find out what you’re getting.

Change what you do until you get what you want.”

Nicholas Boothman


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are well this Tuesday morning.  We missed yesterday due to Labor Day doings, so let’s waste no more time.  Let’s get to it!


One of the common conversations I encounter is that of frustrating situations.  Sometimes I’m the talker and other times I’m the listener.  Either way, the conversation starter goes something like this: “I’m unhappy with “___” (fill in the blank).  I wish things were different.”  It’s not often those words are used but that’s the gist of a very common conversation starter.  It is the awareness of difference between what is wanted and what is experienced.  And it can be anything; whatever we are experiencing, getting, doing, feeling, etc. is fine for the blank. 


What is not very common, however, is a systematic thought about that awareness.  That’s where today’s quote comes into the picture.  It seems simple, but I find it’s not as simple as it seems.  I think the only place we are typically clear is in the second step, knowing what we are getting.  While many of us feel the angst or pinch of frustration or dissatisfaction, not many of us at all are very clear on what we want.  We only know what we’re getting is not “it”.  I compare it to the conversation my wife and I have about supper many nights: What do you want?  I don’t know.  How about “this”?  No, that’s not “it”.  We know we’re hungry, and we know when the eaten meal is not satisfactory, but we couldn’t clearly state what we wanted in the first place.  Now apply that thought to many areas of your life.


* Are your financial experiences satisfactory?

* Are your relational experiences satisfactory?

* Are your family experiences satisfactory?

* Are your health experiences satisfactory?

* Are your work experiences satisfactory?

* Etc. etc. etc.


Knowing what you want is challenging but it pales in comparison to making the change to get what you want.  Is it easier to simply complain about dissatisfaction?  Is it more pleasing to be a suffering martyr?  I don’t think so, yet the third step, while intuitive, is wildly daunting.  What I love about today’s quote, however, is that it focuses change not on some arbitrary objectives but specifically in the desired direction.  Figure out what you want in the first place, be objective in the awareness of what you’re getting, and then boldly make changes in the direction that creates satisfaction.  Take these steps towards success and start having more days of joy.  Sounds good to me, and I’ll have Indian food tonight, thank you.  Have a wonderful week.


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