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Monday, September 24 2018

“Life is not simply holding a good hand.

Life is playing a poor hand well.”

Danish saying


Good morning, friends!  With a heavy heart for people struggling now and for the foreseeable future, still, let’s get to it.


The only card game I play is cribbage.  I learned the game from my father when I was eight; we played thousands of games in eight years.  Now I’m teaching my kids.  Like any card game there is a luck factor with every hand.  Sometimes the cards are with you and winning is easy.  There isn’t much learning to be had when every hand is great.  Sometimes the cards are against you.  That is when the game gets interesting.  How will you play?  How will you make the best of it?  How will you eke out points here and there until a better hand comes along?  Long term success in cribbage is more a factor of how one plays the bad hands than the good ones.  So too is life.


My mother taught a young boy in rural North Carolina when he was in first grade.  He was a hard working country boy, studied hard, did well and became an Army pilot.  One year he applied to be an astronaut.  It is a grueling application process that takes a year or more.  He was denied.  He applied again.  Failed again.  He eventually applied six times and failed every time.  At some point his became a bad hand, but he played each of those bad hands as well as he could.  And when he applied the seventh time, a time by which most of us would have quit, he was approved.  He eventually few three times on the space shuttle and a fourth time spent six months on the International Space Station.  I’d say that’s a pretty good hand!  But imagine what he would have lost had he not played his bad hands well?


* How do you play your bad hands?

* How do a few band hands in a row affect you?

* What is a little more good you can make of the next bad hand?


Our language contains plenty of clichés that convey the reality of everyday life: getting by, keeping up, same old same old, etc.  That’s just another language for life as a majority of mediocre hands.  How we play those hands has a powerful influence on our ability to win when the good hands come along.  Your next good hand may not take you to the stars but if you haven’t played the bad hands well it won’t get you very far, either.  Try making the best of the days you have and soon enough a winning hand will come around.  Now, how about a game???  Have a wonderful week.


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