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Monday, October 08 2018

“Ninety percent of those (persons) who fail are not actually defeated.  They simply quit.”

Paul J. Meyer


Good morning, friends!  It’s great to connect with you again today and I hope it is the beginning of the best week in a while.  Make it that way and let’s get to it!


October is my favorite month of the year.  By far.  It is the month of the MLB playoffs resulting in the World Series.  Yep, I’m a baseball man and have been my whole life.  And I find many, many metaphors for life in baseball, chief among them lessons on winning, losing, success and failure.  Boy, is baseball a game of persistent failure!  Tony Gwynn, the greatest baseball hitter I’ve ever seen, was a wizard with a bat and yet his lifetime batting average was .338.  In other words he failed almost seven out of ten times at bat.  Remarkable.  


Yet Gwynn was not stymied by such persistent failure.  He studied pitchers with abandon, perfected the art of his swing, and even worked to improve his ability to “see” the pitches coming his way.  For his efforts, and with his gifts, he was an easy first ballot hall of famer, regarded by the best pitchers of his time as the best hitter they ever saw.  And during his time in baseball thousands of players came and went, many perhaps wondering why they could not hit like Tony Gwynn or some other successful hitter.  But did they put in the time, effort and dedication to craft Gwynn did?  Likely not.


Whenever we engage in life in experiences that are intended to last we encounter a similar MLB experience as the nameless masses who come and go.  Making it to “The Show” is a nice achievement but is that what we really want?  To go beyond a photo op and a quick show will take work, dedication and effort that exceeds whatever got us there in the first place.


* Are you giving the effort that success in your endeavor requires?

* Are the efforts you are making in need of revision or addressment?

* Could you use a bit of encouragement to help you hang on?  Where can you get it?


If success were easy then every place would be Lake Wobegon, where everyone is above average.  Success is usually a challenge, one that requires more of us than we expected and is just beyond an easy reach.  If you believe in what you are doing then give it your all and stick with it.  You may be surprised what you find when you’ve been with it for a while and no longer worry about what you will achieve.  I have faith in you, that’s for sure!  Have a wonderful week.


Luke 18:1-8

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