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Monday, October 22 2018

“There is no doubt in my mind that there are many ways to be a winner, but there is really only one way to be a loser and that is to fail and not look beyond the failure.”

Kyle Rote Jr.

Good morning, friends!  I hope you are well today and well on your way to a great day.  I’ll not slow you down.  Let’s get to it!

Most American lives begin with dreams.  Not all, of course.  I’m mindful of the less fortunate people in our society, but even in the less fortunate homes are little boys and girls who have dreams.  We all did when we were children.  We wanted to be something great, however we defined greatness.  It may be one of the most beautiful times and sights in our culture, the birth of dreams.  But then something happens in the early stages of the birthing process.  Some persons go on to achieve success while other persons fall way short.  What gives?

More often than not failure is not the culprit but in fact the reaction to failure is the culprit.  Something happened, in school, at home, in life, just somewhere, that was a failure.  Maybe the failure became consistent for a while and eventually the failure wore them, and maybe you or me, down.  And we quit.  But let’s take the thought out of the grand story of culture and bring it home to you and me this week.  We may not call our plans and goals for the week “dreams” but we do hope for success, and lest we are very fortunate we are bound to experience setbacks, roadblocks and projections of failure.  How will we respond to the failure?  Can we see beyond the failure to envision positive movement towards success?

* You bombed on the test.

* You didn’t get the promotion.

* You didn’t get accepted.

* You lost the relationship.

* You got a negative diagnosis.

Failure comes in many, many disguises but it only wins when we admit defeat.  Victors have all experienced failures but they see beyond them to the prize, the goal, the possibility.  Whether in the grand scheme of things or the short term of this week you have the choice to be a victor or something less, all based on your reactions to inevitable failures.  Reject that one certain path to losing and move beyond your failures with new knowledge and renewed confidence.  Tomorrow is ready for a new dream.  Make it great!  And have a wonderful week.


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