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Monday, October 29 2018

“Fear makes come true that which one is afraid of.”

Viktor Frankl

Good morning, friends!  It may be a week made for kids but we adults have our boo scary times, too.  Let’s get to the good times.

Recently I read an article on camping from an expert who said we pack what we fear.  We fear the darkness so we pack flashlights.  We fear thirst so we pack water.  We fear wild animals so we pack repellant.  You get the point; whatever goes into the bag helps us overcome something we fear.  But the fears of camping are both known and unknown (or at least hopefully avoided).  Life has its nuances…

I do not believe, not in the least, that positive thinking has any power in and of itself.  But I do believe, pretty conclusively, that our attitudes heavily influence our actions.  So what is the influence of our attitude?  Well, let’s consider a few life experiences… We face prosperity issues.  We face relationship issues.  We face health issues.  We face faith issues.  In every discrete area of our lives we face issues that can and are influenced by our attitudes.  Negative feeds negative and positive feeds positive.

* Dread of health makes health worse, while hope of health makes health better.

* Frustration in work makes work worse, while encouragement in work makes work better.

* Fear of poverty makes finances worse, while hope of resources makes finances better.

* A downer attitude makes relationships worse, while a positive attitude makes relationships better.

Again, I’m not at all talking about some magic pill.  I suppose I would compare attitude to momentum.  Momentum doesn’t determine “winning or losing” but it powerfully aids the journey in one direction or another and can turn things around under the right circumstances.  What areas of your life could use some good mojo, some helpful momentum?  Turn your attitude to the positive side and see where that mojo takes you.  And have a wonderful week!

Matthew 6:25-34

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