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Monday, June 25 2018

“The only things that are increasing in cost while everything else heads to zero are human experiences—which cannot be copied.” 
Kevin Kelly


Good morning, friends!  I hope you are well today.  By the time you read this e-mail I will hopefully have filled my bucket with more than a few shells and shark teeth.  But that’s my problem, let’s get to the encouragement!


I’ll bet you’ve never thought about the power of copying but it is devastating.  When music became easily copied via technology it clobbered the industry.  Fake diamonds that are indistinguishable from natural ones are challenging prices.  The induction burner I received for Father’s Day is a legal copy of a product that has cost much more for years.  The moment something “becomes” powerful forces begin an unstoppable process to duplicate it, reducing the value and quality all the time.  It is the economic version of “Name that Tune”. 


Kevin Kelly, whom I would eagerly encourage you to read, explains that human experiences are immune to the forces of quality/value duplication.  A current movement in America that mimics a movement that is common in the rest of the world is called “minimalism”, a life of less stuff and more doing.  It is certainly counter-cultural in our culture but not counter-intuitive.  I’ll bet you agree…


·         Do you remember more gifts from your life or more great experiences?

·         Would you rather own another doo-dad or have a new great experience?

·         Do you look around your life and think, “I have too much stuff.” or your mind and think, “I’ve done too many wonderful things.”?


See, it is intuitive that experiences are better and more valuable but for some reason we yield to stuff, worthless, copy-able stuff.  What would it take for you to value your life more than your stuff?  What stuff would you sacrifice this year so you could add more value to your experiences?  What choices can you make going forward to prioritize the precious experiences in your life?  Whatever you do, understand the depreciation of your life that parallels the depreciation of your stuff.  Appreciate your life!  I sure do!  Have a wonderful week.


Luke 12:13-21

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