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Monday, May 29 2017

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”

Arthur Miller

Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I turned 4 gallons of fresh strawberries into preserved jam.  I’m ready for Monday!  Let’s get to it!

For some strange reason most of us were taught as children that regrets are something bad.  It’s worth remembering what “regret” means: a sadness or disappointment over something in the past, such as something that happened or was done or an opportunity missed or lost.  Now be honest, who cannot relate to that definition?  We all can.  The challenge the quote affords us is to be intentional about the regrets we create.

The key word there is “intentional”.  Most lives that I see (including my own) are lived accidentally or lackadaisically, anything but intentionally.  To live intentionally is to boldly risk wonderful regrets!  For example, would you rather go through the rest of this year plodding along in the status quo, gladly accepting mediocrity at every turn, and living an average life in most ways?  Or can you imagine taking a risk, being bold in two or three areas if your life, creating a new path, developing a new habit, or anything else that requires new sustained energy?  Sure, you risk regret but the ride would be exciting and the gains undeniable regardless of the outcome.

In the end I suppose it does come down to intentionality.  We’re all going to have regrets this year, only some of us will have the sad regrets for what we didn’t try, didn’t risk, didn’t dream or act upon as we accept the slow death of mediocrity.  But others of us will regret the achievement we didn’t reach but sure tried or the opportunity we did take but sad for the old left behind.  It appears some regrets reflect life and others reflect death.  What will your regrets reflect?  Be intentional and let your regrets reflect life and achievement.  That’s the life you want to live.  So do it!  And have a great week.

John 5:1-9a

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