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Monday, May 15 2017

“If you weren't afraid of change, what could you learn?”

Seth Godin

Good morning, friends, and happy Mother’s Day to any mothers out there.  But also my prayers are for mom’s who were or aren’t.  I hope you all made something good of the day.  Let’s do that now and get to it!

Yesterday was obviously Mother’s Day and if I may extend today’s thought to all parents then one big reality of parenting is that change is not an option.  From the day a child is born into your life change is a constant, both for the child and for you.  The child is in the process of “becoming” and so is the parent.  No parent can escape this process and as such all parents are forced to learn much in the process.

Unfortunately we all tend to avoid change in all other areas of life when we can.  And I get it; change is hard, discomforting, frustrating and sometimes painful.  But change is the only process, the only one, by which we learn and grow.  The distance between you and your dream is change.  The difference between you and your goal is change.  Any carrot of life requires change yet we tend to prefer the stick of safety.

Psychologically this is explainable.  The carrot is “out there” and therefore hard to visualize; we live for the moment.  But what if you decided, in this moment, that you want to be a learning person, a growing person, a becoming person?  What if you changed the measure of this moment, and eliminated your fear of change, to embrace learning, growing and reaching?  Most of us want something different in 100 different ways but the change scares us.  Forget the distance and embrace the moment by learning, growing and reaching.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised where that life will take you.  Send me a postcard!  And have a great week.

Luke 11:1-4

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