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Monday, May 08 2017

"Joy can be real only if people look upon their lives as a service and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness."

Leo Tolstoy

Good morning, friends!   Was there anything special about your weekend, anything wonderful, anything meaningful?  I hope so.  Let’s get to our purpose and try to match it!

There is a paradox in life that I have found both fascinating and curious but always undeniable.  It is the connection of service of other persons to the happiness and joy of self.  To illustrate, this morning on my jog I listened to a podcast called “How I Built This”; it concerns entrepreneurs and the business they built.  Today I heard Manoj Bhargava, the entrepreneur/innovator of the 5-Hour ENERGY drink.  It’s a heck of a story.

Manoj dropped out of Princeton after one year to become a Hindu monk.  After a period of “success” in that field he came back to America and bought a bankrupt plastics company, turned it around in a few years and sold it for $25 million.  Then, not satisfied, he started 5-Hour ENERGY.  Now he owns 93% of the market and is worth an estimated $1 billion!  So what does he now do with his time (he’s still middle aged!)?  He works to serve and help the poorest people in our world.  As he spoke in the podcast I could hear his energy skyrocket as he talked about his current project to help the 1/3 population of the world without energy get control of their lives with simple, cheap energy projects.  He finds happiness serving other persons.

Think about your life as a metaphor of two jars: self and other.  We begin life by filling the “self” jar, creating and defining self.  Then early on, whether you are rich or poor, the temptation to fill the self box in search of happiness and joy becomes immense.  You can literally pour yourself in to it but all in vain.  The float in that jar never reaches happiness and joy; it only turns more desirous and self-centered.  At some point we must face the paradox and pour from the “self” into the “other” if happiness and joy is what we seek.  It’s not a game for wealthy persons; it’s the journey for all persons who seek happiness and joy.

What are you doing in service of other persons?  How are you filling the “other” jar?  Are you still seeking to fill the “self” jar that never seems to be satiated?  Forget that!  Turn your life into a happy journey; embrace the happiness paradox.  It may seem scary at first but so is so much of life.  You can do it!  And you’ll never regret it.  I have faith in you.  Have a wonderful week.

Matthew 19:16-30

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