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Monday, November 06 2017

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

Babe Ruth

Good morning, friends!  I hope you didn’t show up for work an hour early today!  Time changed this weekend so let’s not waste any more.  Let’s get to it.

Yesterday.  Didn’t the Beatles sing a pretty popular song about that place?  They may have made a lot of money on the song but I’ll bet they didn’t get there.  Nobody can, but boy do we try to drag it along into today.  I’ve commented before about my “Hero Theory”, how we all live in the best of our past, and most of us have a “Goat Story”, the failure we just can’t let go of.  It’s all a yesterday game.

I doubt I need to tell anyone about Babe Ruth’s story.  He was the undisputed King of Swing in baseball during the roaring 20’s.  But if there is an unforgiving medium in this culture it is sport; win a championship last year and you can still be a goat if you don’t win this year.  Just ask the Cubs.  What has this to do with life?  Much.  Life may be a little more forgiving than sport (mercy, grace, forgiveness, etc.) but not much.  Every day is filled with new expectations, opportunities, challenges, and more.  Yesterday can’t do much to help today and it can harm it aplenty if we can’t let it go.

Studies and reports consistently show that the most common trait of successful people is showing up every day.  Successes and setbacks are regular occurrences but showing up is an absolute must.  The Babe knew that and as long as his health held out he did, year after year.  What about you?

* Whatever success you have in mind, are you showing up every day?

* Are you taking every day as new or dragging the carcasses of Hero and Goat along?

* What would today look like for you if you just left yesterday out of it?

Take a day, any day, and try to live it on its own terms.  Make whatever you can of it.  Don’t be constrained by any negative thinking.  Just wake up and give the day all you have.  I’ll bet you’ll do something great!  I have great faith in you, that’s for sure!  Have a wonderful week.

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