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Monday, November 13 2017

“We make our choices mindfully and then live them mindlessly.”

Ellen Langer, paraphrase

Good morning, friends!  Are you ready for a great week?  I hope so because your attitude is far more important than you realize.  So let’s get to it!

Ellen Langer has been a mindfulness guru for nearly 50 years but her focus is not on the meditation side of things.  She specializes in the living side, the working out of what mindfulness means in the daily life.  It’s complicated stuff on the one hand, intuitive on the other.  Suffice it to say I listened to a podcast interview twice to understand her and may listen a third time.  But it is that good.

Take for example today’s quote.  It’s spot on.  Think of the last big choice you made: a big purchase, a big relationship, a big change, something big and/or meaningful.  Most of us are smart enough to be “all in” when we face big choices.  We focus, consider, compare, simplify, and do all manner of thinking that requires being pretty present, in the moment, all in.  And then once the decision is made we move on through the experience as mindlessly as possible, as “all out” as we possibly can be!  We often choose our purchases with great care and then use them as if they are nothing.  We take pains to create relationships and once secured take them for granted.  We raise our senses of awareness when considering change and then live in the change with indifference.  Curious, to say the very least.

Don’t ask me to define “mindfulness” for you beyond “all in” and “consciously aware and appreciative”, yet imagine if we put mindfulness into the majority of life that doesn’t include decisions?  If you take one objective step back to look at all the places, spaces and people that make up your life there’s a lot of room for quality of life improvement if you make the mindful living choice.  Still, you must ask yourself, “Which has more value: mindful or mindless living?”

·          What are five good realities of your work that would make work seem better?

·          What three new good things can you notice about each close relationship to create joy in you?

·          What good benefits do you have from your latest important purchase, and how can you enjoy it today?

A little change in attitude, or focus, can make a world of difference in your living.  Make the mindful choice today and ride a wave of joy.  It may be the best choice you make for years!  Have a wonderful week!

John 4:31-38

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