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Tuesday, November 28 2017

“I’ve got your back…”

Anonymous friend, paraphrased

Good morning, friends!  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving; mine was utterly forgettable, but let’s leave that story for later.  We have delayed business for this week.  Let’s get to it!

Today’s message is not about me.  I promise.  It may sound like it but it isn’t.  It’s about you, but I have to start with me.  This past Friday was a health challenge day for me.  It started simple, became more difficult later in the day, and by very early morning Saturday it became complicated.  I was down for the count and didn’t know when it would end.  That’s not good for ministers; we have Sunday duties.  Saturday morning I knew I would not be able to attend to my Sunday duties so I contacted a friend.  I hoped he could find a substitute in his network on short notice.  Instead, very quickly he replied, “I’ve got your back.”  That’s not exactly what he said but that is what I heard.  Have you ever heard that?  Have you ever said that?  It matters.

My youngest child recently suggested that a friend would be an “adult” when he turned 13, no longer a “child”.  We talked about that transition and agreed that dates and ages have little to do with maturity.  The key, I told him, was the development of the ability to think less of self and more of others in positive ways.  If anyone has ever “had your back” as I had this weekend then you know how it feels.  It feels great when someone picks you up, cleans up your mess, pays your debt, completes your project, etc.  When you need help and someone joyfully provides it is wonderful.  Any child could tell you that. 

But as I said this message is about you, not me, not my friend, or my son, just you.  The child in you says, “I need someone to get my back.”  That’s OK.  It happens to all of us sometimes.  The adult in you, does it ever say, “I’ve got your back.”?  That’s what the world needs more of.  You have friends who could use a blessing.  You meet strangers who could use a blessing.  Everybody needs a blessing every now and then.  Will the adult in you be a blessing to someone else? 

·          Who do you know who could use a hand today?

·          What do you have in abundance you could use to help someone today?

·          What’s keeping you from “having someone’s back” more often?

There’s nothing wrong with needing the hand of blessing once in a while yourself but you have it in you to do more.  You have it in you to be the hand of blessing regularly for other persons.  Will you?  I have faith you will.  Try it today, and have a great week!

Mark 2:1-5

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