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Monday, January 01 2018

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”

Bill Vaughn

Happy New Year, friends!  If you are working today my prayers are with you.  May the day be short!  Time is, so let’s get to it.

Many people think of New Year’s Day as a springboard to a new start.  This is the “resolutions” crowd.  Are you a resolutions setter?  I do most years but my understanding of resolutions has changed over time.  Another way I see people experience New Year’s Day is as a pivot point.  Sure, any day or moment can be a pivot point, or a good day for resolutions for that matter, but culturally recognized days are helpful.  Have you ever seen New Year’s Day as a pivot point?

Whether one is an optimist or a pessimist the triggers seem to be the same.  What triggers?  Consider the list.  Loss of loved ones, health challenges, love issues, financial struggles, damage of possessions, etc. etc. etc.  “Negative” seems to be the theme of triggers.  Experience has taught me that I cannot predict who will be the optimist or the pessimist; circumstance dictates those options.  Will you take the triggers of this year and long for a fresh start in the new year, or will the triggers of this year make you pessimistic about the options in the new year?  There is no judgement here, only a call for awareness.

To complicate the matter even a bit more, I have both springboard issues for the new year and pivot issues as well.  I’ve experienced some “old man” health issues this year I’m ready to leave in the past and also I have some new health initiatives I’m ready to launch in the new year.  I think my experience is reflective of most of us, a mix of old and new.  Midnight came last night and it found in most of us both an optimist AND a pessimist.  What matters is what we’re doing with the triggers.

• What are the experiences of 2017 that matter to your new year?

• Which are those experiences you want to end and which ones would you like to improve?

• What are you going to do about it, and when?

Whatever today is for you I hope you are resolved to make 2018 the best year you can.  So much of what you experience this year is your choice; choose wisely!  Again, happy new year!  

Matthew 3:13-17

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