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Monday, October 23 2017
"It's near to impossible to make positive change in a negative environment." James Smart, paraphrase Good morning, friends! I hope your weekend was exactly as you planned and included a bit of rest. I could have used it! Still, let's get to it! Almost ten years ago was the first notion I had of turning my health life around. I was just over 40 and pushing a weight limit I never, ever thought I'd touch. It shocked me to make a change. Yet the first thing I encountered was my environment; nothing was supportive of my change. All the food we had in the pantry was food I didn't need to eat to be healthy! Every meal we planned (old, familiar meals) was patently unhealthy. And my schedule was comfortably arranged to make exercise a difficult choice. Let's just say it was a tough environment in which to make a positive change. How often have you tried to make a change without considering your environment? Consider the flip side. I'll bet this is a lesson you learned in grade school; perhaps your parents encouraged it in you. Birds of a feather flock together? Ring a bell? Positive change is much easier in a positive environment. Consider the environment "friction". A positive environment is a well-oiled machine, low friction, smooth as glass. A negative environment is ankle deep mud. These days when I think about change I think first about the environment. What do I need to change in my environment to make the real change more likely? Think about changes you've attempted and the environments that affected them. Now look to the future. What changes do you want to make and what environmental changes will make the real change more likely? The more you begin to think first about the environments that surround your desired changes the sooner you'll find your changes become realities. Now, which change will you make next?! Whatever it is, I have faith in your chances. Have a great week. John 18:15-27
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