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Monday, September 12 2016
Good morning, friends!  Did you have great success at something this weekend?  Did you attempt it?  Make sure you do this week!  Let’s get started.


I’ve never been much of a nocturnal dreamer.  I’ve had my dreams, for sure, but not as a regular occurrence.  Mostly I sleep soundly and quietly so I love hearing stories of my childrens’ dreams.  This morning Eli told me about his dream last night, a nightmare so horrendous he carried the pain into the morning.  I comforted him and promised to help him head to bed more sweetly tonight.


I find that two types of dreams are the dominant drivers in the lives of people stuck in patterns of failure.  The first is a dream that the future is going to be terrible, that some difficult fate awaits, so any action today is futile.  The only success I’ve ever had impacting the future is by positive steps, choices and actions today.  The further out “tomorrow” gets the greater the need for commitment today.


The second dream that seems to enslave people is what I call the “marshmallow wall” dream.  Most obstacles we imagine to our desired successes are often, and perhaps mostly so, walls made of marshmallows, easily overcome with the slightest of efforts.  The obstacles appears big and solid but even the least efforts can overcome them.


I have no doubt that you have hopes and/or desires for tomorrow.  Are your dreams derailing your success… not nocturnal dreams but wide awake dreams of anticipated defeat or marshmallow walls?  Success is a journey that begins today.  Whatever tomorrow holds for you needs bit of water on the seed today.  What effort, challenge or step will you take today?  Tomorrow will tell the tale.  Get to it, and have a great week!


Acts 16:16-40

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